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Meet Bethany

Bethany Braun-Silva is an on-air parenting, entertainment, and lifestyle expert and the host of "The Breakdown With Bethany" podcast and web show on She is currently a digital reporter at Good Morning America, covering commerce, parenting, and trending topics. She is the former editorial director of 


Bethany frequently appears on national and regional television, discussing the latest parenting trends, advice, hacks, and more. She is the author of the bestselling book, "Like a Mother: Banish Guilt, Blaze Your Trail, and Break the Rules to Create a Life You Love."

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Real advice from real women. Through tough lessons and hard-won experiences, Bethany Braun-Silva shares how she was able to raise her kids (her way), watch her marriage thrive and fail and thrive again, and chase ambitiously to the top of her industry with a little (a lot of) help from her friends. Through interviews and personal stories, Bethany has brilliantly put together a list of new rules and advice from women she’s interviewed on her podcast, The Breakdown With Bethany.

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