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9 Ways To Improve Your Love Life via NYTimes Modern Love Essays

couple in central park

I am an avid reader of the New York Times column, Modern Love. It consists of user submitted essays about "the joys and tribulations of love." They are obviously well written (NYTimes, duh) and will have you thinking about love in ways you might not have before.

One of my favorite essays is called, "When the Doorman Is Your Main Man," and it's the true story of a woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and then a single mom, and recounts her special bond with her doorman. It's sweet and sad and true, as are all of the essays in the column.

Modern Love has recently put together a post titled, 9 Ways to Improve Your Love Life, and includes some really great tips from some of their popular essays. If you have never read a Modern Love essay, this is a great place to start.

My favorite tip, Number 6 -- "If a man uses a sandwich for his online dating headshot, steer clear," is pretty great, for obvious reasons.

Check out the list and here's to happy and healthy new year, filled with lots of love and here's hoping, less sandwich pics! ;)

Read the full article here: 9 Ways to Improve Your Love Life

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