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Who Is 'Modern Mom Probs' For? Founder Tara Clark Explains

From episode: Tara Clark of Modern Mom Problems Talks Content Creation and Cultivating Community

If someone's coming to Modern Mom Problems, whether they're on Instagram or the podcast or even your book, like what are you hoping, who is it for and like what are you hoping they take away from it? It is for, I like to say millennial moms, but now like there's Gen Z moms too, right? So I can't just be like, Oh, it's only millennial moms. Cause that's not fair. It for is any modern mom who wants to feel recognized and realize that she's not alone. And whether that's from a, you know, humor standpoint or whether that's from a more serious standpoint of the conversations that we do have. Like I mentioned before, I just want people to feel like they're not the only one going through that experience, whether it's that their kid, you know, doesn't want to put on their shoes and they're taking too long and now you're in charge and you think, God, I'm the only person that this has ever happened to. I just want people to know that they're not alone. And I'm so grateful that they're like in the community and that they're welcomed in the community. And I think it's super important too. I always say this also is like, I don't like to make jokes on the backs of other people. Some content creators will make jokes of like this kind of mom and that kind of mom. And it's like, no, like that's, that's not cool. I don't, they could do that for themselves, but you know, in, in this community, I don't like to, to ever make jokes on the backs of other people in the way that they parent, because all of us parent differently and all of us have different lived experiences and we need to respect that. I love it. I just, I adore you. You're saying all the right things. Tell everybody where they can find you or, you know, find the account, give us all the information. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So on Instagram and actually every social media, it's modern mom, probs and modern mom, probs .com. What else? Listen to the podcast. It's on Apple, Spotify, you know, all the places modern mom, probs, I'm big into branding, right? So like anything is going to be modern mom. It's gotta be across the board.


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