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Modern Mom Probs Is Not the Tara Clark Show, It's About Community

From episode: Tara Clark of Modern Mom Problems Talks Content Creation and Cultivating Community

talk to us about cultivating friendships and community and how that served you. From the beginning, I have always said that Modern Mom Probs is not the Tara Clark show. It's not about me. I've never wanted it to be about me. I've wanted it to be about the topics. That's why the account is not, you know, Tara Clark problems, modern mom problems. Right. And so for me, I sort of have made a switch over the last, maybe let's say two years or so, to peel back the curtain and be more of a personality of like, this is Tara, not just Modern Mom Problems. And that's been hard for me personally, to quote my son, like it's a little cringe, because it's easier for me to talk about topics or to showcase the topics. But the community has always been the thing. So my point in saying that is I always share my friends. I've always been the biggest hype person for all of my friends. My one friend, Nikki Marie, she's also on Instagram and on TikTok. She called me the ultimate hype girl. I am the ultimate hype girl. I'm always pushing everyone out front and being like, no, you take the stage. You take the, the lion light. Just because that's who I am. And so community right from the very start from the very second that I started my account has always been tantamount to me. And, and my, we had a very, I had a very core group of friends when we first started the account back in 2016, women lived all over the country. In fact, all over the world because one of them was in the Netherlands and we were best friends. We were on our chat DM all day, every day for like years. And so these are some of my absolute best friends and, and a lot of other names like you, like you said that I know people like Libby, is a really good friend of mine. In fact I've met her several times in person, one of which she had an Airbnb and she invited me and a few other friends up. Yeah, it was great in February. We were there actually for Valentine's day in the Superbowl this year. So we just hung out and we created content and we relaxed and it was, it was wonderful. And so, yeah, although we don't always get to see each other in person, when we do, it's just like so much more meaningful and special. I love that. It sounds like, you know, like really, I hate to sound corny, but it does kind of sound magical. Like when you get together with those girlfriends and you're all sort of aligned like professionally and personally, it really, it's so important. I say this all the time. I would be nowhere without my personal and professional like network. So I love that. It's really as important.


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