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Interview with Hilaria Baldwin

hilaria baldwin book

Hilaria Baldwin is a mom to admire. She is a yoga instructor, social media maven, tv host, and now author. Her new book 'The Living Clearly Method' was recently published and I had the chance to talk to her about how she keeps it healthy and sane with 3 kids under three. Read the full interview here.

She and I also have something in common, we are raising bilingual kids. Here's what Hilaria, who was born is Spain, had to say about speaking another language with your children:

"The most important thing is for the kids to realize that they have to speak to you in that language. The kids need to speak to your husband in Spanish all the time. The only time when we talk in English are when we are including somebody else. Which goes hand in hand with my philosophy of inclusion and coming together. If we’re with my husband and he doesn’t understand what we’re talking about, in order to include him in the conversation, we switch to English. But when we talk directly to each other we always speak in Spanish. That’s really important because it then becomes second nature. Carmen, and I say Carmen a lot because Rafa is still learning how to talk and Leo doesn’t talk at all, Carmen will look at me and say “Mami yo quiero ir al parque.” – (Mommy I want to go to the park) and then she’ll turn to Alec and she’ll say, “Daddy will you come.” It’s really incredible to see these little minds and how they can develop at that age. In terms of culture we go and visit my family as much as we can Carmen has her little flamenco dresses, Rafa runs around the house screaming “Goal Goal Goal!” He’s obsessed already with soccer. It’s a combination, they live in a world with a lot of different cultures and I want them to be as open to everybody as possible."

Be sure to check out Hilaria's book 'The Living Clearly Method.' You'll be glad you did!

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