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Are You Sober Curious? Try Bethenny Frankel's New Mingle Mocktail

From episode: Bethenny Frankel Talks New Business Venture & Social Media

you also did a mocktail, which I feel like is really timely because we're seeing a lot of people kind of choose to be sober, alcohol free, even though they may not like have an addiction or a problem necessarily. But I'm loving that you do that, because, again, we do. We have a lot of moms that listen to the podcasts who are expecting moms and they don't want to miss out on the fun. And certainly if you are choosing to be, you know, alcohol free, you know, why do you have to, you know, like sit, you know, miss out on the fun? So tell me about Mingle. They call it sober curious because people are just dabbling. People are reducing their alcohol intake. They don't feel as good. They want to drink moderately, which is what also Forever Young is about, because it's so superb and elevated. That you're just drinking, not as a sport, you're drinking as an experience and mingle mocktails. So there are non -alcoholic beverages that mimic the liquor. Like there are mock vodka, mock, this is a mocktail. So you open it up and it's a ready to drink mocktail. And what I mean by that is that's what Skinny Girl was for cocktails. So you're just opening the can and there's your flirty cocktail. They have amazing flavors. It's low calorie. It doesn't taste fake. It tastes totally real, but it doesn't taste too sweet where. It tastes like it's soda pop, it tastes like a cocktail. Does that make any sense? You want it to taste sweet like Skinny Girl was. You want to say sweet, but not too sweet. You're having a different type of drink because it's a it's a mocktail. It's not a soda. So I like that about it. If that makes any sense, it does. And you can also put alcohol in it. Right. That's nice, I guess, depending on whatever kind of day you're


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