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Everything You Need for a Fun-Filled Summer

It’s the time of year when everyone wants to get out and about for fun with family and friends. I’m teaming up with a few brands to help make this summer one to remember.

I can’t stop thinking about white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. and I know I’m not alone. So, my first tip is to travel smart.

Most of us are looking for added flexibility and confidence when booking a trip. American Express Travel is a one-stop-shop for planning a vacation thanks to its customer service, 24/7 access to expert travel consultants, exclusive programs, and benefits. It has everything you need from building a dream itinerary to finding the best offers on flights and hotels. They even launched Trip Cancel Guard, a “cancel for any reason” benefit that U.S. Card Members can purchase on eligible flights. For those who want an elevated travel experience without breaking the bank, U.S. Platinum Card Members and their travel companions get access to lower fares on premium-class flights and the ability to save up to $600 on first-class tickets. Just head over to

I’m the mom of two boys and I’m always running around and trying to keep things organized while making special moments with my family. There are baseball games, playground time, barbeques, and vacations, summer seems busier than the school year sometimes. It's safe to say that moms are going to break a sweat—I live in New York City and it gets hot and sticky. I want to be sure to enjoy the moments with my family and not feel uncomfortable. The new Secret Weightless Dry Spray provides 48-hours of sweat and odor protection. It goes on with an instantly dry feel - no waxes, no alcohol, no residue. I love the new ergonomic grip bottle—designed for easy, targeted application. It comes in Wild Rose, Vanilla, Waterlily, and White Peach. You can find it at food, drug, and mass retailers nationwide.

This time of year is perfect for outdoor activities like walking, hiking, running, and biking. However, it’s also helpful to include supplements in our diets to maintain overall health. As we age our bodies produce less collagen, which helps with healthy joints and skin elasticity and that's where collagen comes in.

I’ve been adding collagen into my daily routine for years and I love MD Logic Health’s Marine Collagen with COFACTORS, which is made from the highest quality wild-caught non-GMO white fish, which promotes lean muscle mass, strong bones, hair, skin, and nails, supports gut health, and promotes new collagen production! It easily dissolves and has no fishy taste or smell so you can add it to fun summertime drinks, like smoothies, and your meals, to boost your protein intake, at any time without the unnecessary calories! Marine Collagen has a special blend of cofactors including Vitamins A, C, Zinc, and Copper, and also includes Biotin, so that your health can radiate from the inside out!

My last tip for a fun-filled summer includes a classic favorite: ice cream! According to a new national poll, 34% say eating ice cream in summer makes them feel like a kid again. I agree! One of my favorite summer desserts is a delicious ice cream cake—perfect for pool parties, backyard BBQs, Father’s Day, or any fun summer gathering. Everyone loves them. There are lots of delicious cakes to choose from like CARVEL, OREO and REESE’s. It's so easy and convenient. You can pick one up at your local grocery store. Just check out the bakery freezer case or go to for a store locator.

Have a happy and fun summer!


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