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Monetizing Social Media With 'Modern Mom Probs' Founder Tara Clark

From episode: Tara Clark of Modern Mom Problems Talks Content Creation and Cultivating Community

Can you talk to me a little bit about the journey to monetize your social media? I mean, clearly it's so it's like now it's so commonplace. But back then, it really wasn't. And so I know that you weren't working full time at traditional nine to five. But this was obviously a job. So talk to us a little bit about that, because I know that such a it's it's definitely not easy. I know that. But it's a nice option for moms, right? Like who maybe want to jump into that world? Yes. And that's really why I did it. Like I said, when I pitched this idea to my friends and family, they said, what are you talking about? Because it was just the content creator industry or economy was not even set up. I mean, maybe it was at that point for YouTube, but not necessarily for Instagram. So how did I build it? I continued to build my audience. And as I built my audience, I attracted corporate clients who said we would love to work with you. And that's sort of how it happened. And luckily, obviously, there are all of the the mom bloggers, the parenting bloggers who came before me, who laid the road work for that. And so that was that was sort of how it came about. So when people ask like, oh, yeah, how do you monetize your business? The majority of it comes from corporate sponsorships. Got it. But you need the people there. So I'm sure you really had to cultivate that, like your voice and the engagement. I mean, obviously I follow you and I see your engagement is already so it's still I mean, not already. It's still so high from what I can see. And you I appreciate that. And, you know, I'm really hard on myself. And so I'm always like, no, it's not as good like I want it here. But that's just because of my own personality and being a striver and sometimes not sitting for a second to pat myself on the back. You know, we all do that. I know we're we're hard on ourselves.


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