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When It Comes to Makeup, Bethenny Frankel Is "Keeping It Real"

From episode: Bethenny Frankel Talks New Business Venture & Social Media

also mentioned this morning that you have become like more well known in a sense from these ticktocks, these makeup reviews, these beauty product reviews. And when you were on the housewives and I could really see that. I'm going to ramble just for a second, because I do really feel like you validated a group of women that maybe felt invalidated by their choices. Like I bought Maybelline and Revlon because that's what I saw my mom use. And I couldn't afford your Giorgio Armani foundation or like the Chanel lipstick. And, you know, makeup is a huge part of like what your identity to be a woman. Right. That's what we wear. It's for the job interview that we want or when we're interviewing like our heroes, right, like on our podcast. So but from from your standpoint, I want to know why. Why what was the start? Like, why did you start with makeup? I didn't start. I just I didn't even mean to start. I just was playing around. But what you said, it's part of our identity. The thing is, it's really part of our insecurity. The to marketing us. Our insecurity makes us feel like if we buy the more expensive thing, that it's going to work better, not because. We're because we think it's actually better and it's not. So we actually think that that's how I'm going to look better. And I had Christopher Buckle do my makeup. And today he said that they're preying on insecurities. It's all just paint. So you can want the nice packaging. You can buy into all of that. But we are definitely being lied to. We are being marketed to. And I've normalized places like the dollar store and the drugstore because I didn't know. So I was walking in completely like everybody else. Just I have expensive makeup. I have La Prairie. I have Armani. I probably have a cup. I had a couple of Maybelline great lashes because that's what I buy at the drugstore. And I don't like spending money on makeup because I don't really wear it. And once I was watching TikTok for months, I was feeling like insecure. I don't have anything. I don't know anything. I don't look like them. I didn't consider the filters. I didn't know they were all filter and I didn't know they were selling. So I started comparing and I couldn't get over the fact that CoverGirl was the same thing on my face as the $200 stuff. And today, Christopher Buckle, who literally does Christmas's makeup, he does Mariah Carey's makeup, Blake Lively, Kate Chastain, Met Gala. He said to me, I he was shocked. He can't believe it. And he's he's I said, let me tell you, would you do me for the Met Gala? Would you do it if I had the? He goes, I actually wouldn't have yesterday. Today I would commit to


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