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Best Tech Products for Kids That Won't Have Them Idly Staring at a Screen

It’s no secret that parents have a love/hate relationship with letting their children use technology. But whatever side of the fence you fall on, there are many benefits to technology that can actually give parents peace of mind. From smartwatches that provide kids with virtual “safe zones” to devices that let you play real-time games with relatives that live far away, these are the best tech devices to make parenting (especially during the pandemic) a bit easier.

  1. Moochies: This smartwatch for kids can track your child's steps throughout the day to monitor fitness giving an accurate measure of activity. The watch also has live GPS tracking, safe zones, and real-time map features, plus SOS for emergencies so that parents can always be connected to their kids.

  2. Marbotic: This Montessori-inspired toy uses wooden toy letters in conjunction with a tablet to make screen time active. Your child can learn letter and number recognition, explore counting, reading, writing, and more.

  3. Amazon Glow: The Glow is a 14-inch-tall freestanding tower that projects a light screen onto a hard surface (it comes with a touch mat). Your remote family member downloads the Glow app onto a tablet to play live with members of your family from any location giving parents some much-needed free time to themselves.


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