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Bethenny Frankel Talks Navigating Social Media With Daughter Bryn

From episode: Bethenny Frankel Talks New Business Venture & Social Media

just turned 13. And, you know, we're mom dot com. So we're all about moms. And certainly we hear a lot about the dangers of teens and social media. And you are right now probably the biggest social media star. And you're using it for your brand and your business in such a positive way. But I'm wondering what what is sort of like the line or the boundary or maybe rules that you have for Brin when she is navigating social media? You know, we see all these teens also like reverting back to flip phones now. So I would just love to hear your take on that. I didn't know about that. The flip phones. But I like that. She basically knows anything that ever goes in writing by text or anywhere photograph photography that it can end up everywhere. And. She consumes content, but she's not making that much content. And she I had her phone for two days this weekend. It was in my room. She didn't look at once like she can go days without the phone. So she's not what I think is a typical tween. And I don't think I can handle that. Sometimes it'll be you know, we're in the car for a long drive and she's just using it to like hang out. But she loves to watch old school movies. She likes to watch inappropriate movies, too. She likes to watch Amy Schumer and is her favorite. And she likes Adam Sandler and she likes The Hangover and Mike and Dave's Wedding. She likes like inappropriate bro content. Like a from movie standpoint. That is actually hilarious. But no, probably not the typical teenager. Right. Like so. Right. That you don't need to like make those, you know, kind of like hard and fast rules about about social media. That's awesome.


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