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How Bethenny Frankel Stays Organized: "It's Relentless!"

From episode: Bethenny Frankel Talks New Business Venture & Social Media

know that you love an organized place, be it your home, a store. And I know you're getting a lot of products sent to you right now. So and I'm actually a product editor, too. I've been a comic for a year or so. My husband will kill me like another freaking box. Like, how are you staying organized about this stuff? It's relentless. It's I'm relentless. And we're constantly opening boxes, putting things in bins, go through it, look at it, get rid of what I don't need by I do not keep. I have very few things you'd be shocked because it was a closet and then it starts to creep up and stuff is getting sent. And I'm like, absolutely not. Get it out. I want it out. I don't want to live with it. And you just sometimes it creeps back in like a lot of drugstore stuff creeps back in today because we were doing this segment. A lot of people sent me stuff and I just like, get it out, give it away. Peace out. Anybody want makeup? Keep it moving. All right. You're big on like a purge. I'm assuming massive every other day. Yeah, it's relentless. It cannot it cannot beat me. I have to beat it.


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