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Minecraft Exhibit at Liberty Science Center

My boys discovered and subsequently became obsessed with Minecraft during the pandemic. After I learned a bit more about it, I felt that this was one of the few times where screen time might actually be beneficial. My boys were coding and interacting, albeit virtually, with others!

That's why we were so excited about the new Minecraft exhibit and Liberty Science Center. This is one of our favorite museums and we frequented it often pre-pandemic. It was so amazing to see it back in action with this incredible exhibit to boot!

According to the Liberty Science Center website, "This massive exhibition celebrates creative expression, community crafting, and the quest to build a better world—both inside and outside the game." This was certainly our experience when visiting. Take a look at some of the pictures below and if you are in the area the exhibit is running through September 5, 2022!


  • The gallery features 15 life-size characters from the game, including the explosive Creeper and mysterious Enderman. A huge diorama includes a Minecraft tree, a zombie, and a wolf. Phantoms fly overhead, chickens scramble underfoot, and baby pandas play in a bamboo forest

  • Videos showing time-lapse builds and veteran players at work will help turn newcomers into Minecraft experts!

  • At a crafting table, players can use cards that represent building materials from the game—such as wood, iron, and obsidian—to make their own objects and tools


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